2019 Iran International Tournament

2019 Iran International Tournament

This tournament will be held among children, girls, juniors, men, and women
in kata and kumite.
Tournament Regulation
Both the whole initiative and the organization of the tournament realize the Iran
Shorin Kempo Kaikan.

1. Goals And Objectives:
•    Promotion and development of different karate styles
•    Involvement of children and young people in sport, healthy lifestyle
•    Formation of high moral and physical qualities & comprehensive
          development of the strongest fighters of Shorin Kempo Kaikan

2. Time and Location:
The tournament will take place on: August 22nd  , 23rd 2019
The mandate commission: August 21st  9:00 – 13:00
The referee Kumite seminar: August 21st  15:00 – 19:00
The beginning of the tournament: 10:00 am
Final: 17:00 o’clock.
Awarding of the participants and Ceremonial Closing of the tournament: 19:00
The location of the tournament: Takhti Stadium, Tehran.

3. The participants of the tournament:
The staff of the delegation:
•    The official representative of the teams ( the head of the delegation)
•    Sportsmen
•    Referee

Fri Aug, 16th 2019

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