Reza’s 32nd birthday

Reza’s 32nd birthday

December 25, 2020
Venum Training camp, Thailand


Reza’s 32nd birthday party coinciding with the beginning of the New Year, was hosted by Mehdi Zatout the owner of the Venum Thailand with it’s staff and the members.

The event started with a lot of delicious food and beverages then ended with astonishing gifts and a special cake, prepared by Arash Mardani who is Reza’s close friend and his wrestling coach. He also received an exquisite gift from the Anane family.

According to Reza: “This was the most fabulous time that he has ever had ever since his migration to Thailand.”

Later Mehdi thanked all the participants For their presence and their generous gifts and wished Reza a healthy and prosperous birthday.

Fri Dec, 25th 2020

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