2020 Muay Hardcore

Tuesday, November 17th 2020

September 12 ,2020

Channel 8, Bangkok Thailand

Reza Goodary a warrior of 88 kg confronted his powerful Numphon Diamond 98 (Thai opponent), a record holder of 300 Muay Thai fights. This match was held in accordance with the muti professional rules (with 4 Oz MMA gloves) in the super champ organization under the Thai hard core event, broadcasted live on channel 8 Thailand Bangkok.


Unfortunately Reza who was under The most difficult physical conditions, not fighting in 16 months, and training solely for the jujitsu and MMA, based upon his manager, and Super Champ recommendation lost to this dynamic battle.


And ultimately at the 9th minutes of a very sensitive, breathtaking battle, his Thai appointment won the match. At the moment Reza and his manager anxiously, are looking forward to rematch response from Numphon Diamond 98 (Thai opponent).