2020 Siam Cup Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Monday, December 21th 2020

December 19, 2020
Show DC, Bangkok, Thailand


The third round of international tournaments was held in Siam BJJ with 500 warriors from all over the world. Considering a very well attended event, The parameters for the most ideal location had changed from the Rangsit University to the Show DC. The Excitement of these matches were overwhelming because of the Participation of 4 World famous champions of BJJ, and many more other very well known Jujitsu ,Wrestling, Sambo Masters and even in the field of MMA.

In the early hours of the tournament The participants met Their opponents during the weighing ceremony. Ultimately after 12 hours, and 9 matches, Mohammadreza “Persian Leopard” Goodary®️ as known Reza Goodary®️ placed:

*In the Gi season, Adults Men's -94.3 kg (Blue belts) division, Gold medalist.
*In the Gi Adults Men's Absolute (Blue belts) division, Bronze medalist.
*In the No-Gi Adults Men's +73 kg division, Bronze medalist.

This was the first time that Reza Goodary®️ took part in these very important Jujitsu tournaments wearing Venum™️ jersey. According to Reza Goodary®️, this was the hardest jujitsu tournament that he has ever participated in. The Experience and the high level of Technicality were very noticeable during these matches. Snatching three medals in this very difficult tournament had its Unique Experience but having his jujitsu trainers (DJ Jackson and Anton Kim), his manager (Mehdi Zatout) And his wrestling coach and close friend (Arash Mardani) Inspired him to get the most ideal results. In addition, Dr. Sajjad Rezaei who is Reza’s nutritional adviser had a great impact on his  success.