Reza Goodary, also known as Persian Leopard® was born in Tehran on 14 th December 1988. Although his parents were worried about him because his weight was 5 Kg at birth but his doctor at Najmiyeh hospital announced that he is not only natural but also very healthy boy. He was raised in a rich Iranian noble family with his parents and his two sisters. His childhood was spent in Narmak area, eastern Tehran. His physical activity was initially taken into consideration by parents, leaded them to doctors again. Pediatrician Dr. Rafiei called this natural again and told them that hyperactivity is sign of health. At the age of 7th he was taken to Iran Judo house in Kabkanian Stadium to practice Judo by his father which was a Judo master, so Reza had no way to refuse and just started practicing officially and it was the beginning of his Martial Arts life

Practicing Judo didn't last long and his father which was worried about his talent, sent Reza to Fadak Sport Club to learn Kong-Fu (Sambkalah) under guidance of his friend master Seyed Mahdi Hosseini. Hard physical exercises in the open environment and the ethical morale of the exercises led Reza to the point of gaining control over his behavior, which prompted his creativity to flourish

Along with doing sport, at school he was a genius student, earning continuously A+ grades, choosing as brilliant talent in the elementary period had attracted the attention of his teachers so that at the fourth grade of the primary school, his teacher Mr. Fekri called his parents for a meeting after seeing his painting. But the birth his younger sister turned the attention of his parents into her in those years, so they did not mention this matter serious. After many years of continuing this process and changing the atmosphere of the family towards him, his mood and behavior has changed so that left school and just continued to practice sport.

Because of the lack of regular competitions and Reza's motivation to conclude the exercises, he decided to quit Kung Fu and started to investigate on other martial arts. His father's acquaintance with Kancho Hamid Soltani (the genius master of Karate in the World) effected on this decision. Starting Enshin Karate exercises under the direct supervision of the head of the Middle East and Iran Representative has doubled his motivation. Simultaneous training at Kabkanian, Beheshti and Nasr Sport clubs and study of Karate's basic principles scientifically, made him satisfied. The country's regular championships was another step in reaching the pinnacle, all but he was not ready yet and the his coach did not allow him to take part in the tournaments. Eventually, in the 10th Enshin Karate all Iran Championship, he got the second title by knock outing 2 of the strongest fighters and won his first record. This was his first and last official match in Enshin Karate Because after that Shinden Kai Karate was founded by Kancho Hamid Soltani and all of his students joined him in Shinden Kai.

By Central Hunbo so he was more successful than before. The tournaments were held on a regular basis every year, and during all these years, Reza was a fixed fighter for the final fight. In those years, he also fought in tournaments of other Karate styles to gain experience and Shindenkai Hunbo had agreed. The All Iran champion of Kyokushin Matsui, Shin Kyokushin, Kyokushin Tezuka, Kyokushin Union... and the international organization's coaching and A degree referee award were some of his achievements of those time.

According to Iranian law, he had to serve military service. He trained in the Ground Force and then moved to Physical Education Unit. The constant presence in the training and tournaments of armed forces caused that he did not stop training at that time too. He had reached to the infinite point in Iran karate and felt that he needs to cross the borders. Family problems and unrelenting pressures impressed him after his military serving, and for him there was nothing better than his exercises. The decision of continuing education and increasing the level of science and technology in the field of graphics and sports sciences were also some of his valuable decisions at that time.

Reza was not like that 7th year old kid who had arrived in Judo class for the first time anymore, now he was built to bring his dreams closer to reality. But the mafia system governing the karate and sport of the country and its direct impact on international dispatches, tests and even the management of karate styles once again took his opportunity and oppressed him. But he never gave up and continued to work, study, and practicing Karate. Although his family were rich ,he left home In those years and lived separately from his family to master a long-term planning and reduce the marginal pressure and this was his first strong pace to capture his determination to reach into his dreams.

Social networks became stronger day by day, helping to show the truth from behind the scenes and reducing the Sport mafia's hand from exploitation and oppression to the heroes. It also paved the way for Reza to become a member of the world's most powerful free style karate organizer, W.K.O. (World Kumite Organization) in 2011, and he got the chance to attend the World Championships in Thailand in February 2016. In order to know more about the environment and getting into the atmosphere, with the permission of his coach, Kancho Hamid Soltani, and the following up and assistance ofMayon Shihan Mehdi Farahani, the W.K.O Executive Representative in Middle East, 4 weeks before the competition he started practicing in Shorin Kempo honbu dojo. Exercising in Honbu dojo under the supervision ofKancho Sifu Robert Mcinnes, W.K.O chairman, began from the first day.

After winning in the World Championship and attracting the attention of theW.K.O officials, Kancho Sifu Mcinnes decided to be Reza's sponsor for participating in W.K.O and Shorin Kempo camps and tournaments as well as practice in Honbu Dojo as Uchideshi. Kancho Soltani, Reza's coach and chairman of the World Shinden Kai Organization has agreed on this issue because he had also decided to leave Iran in order to migration to Germany, and thus he didn't prevent the progress of his students. This also coincided with inviting Reza to work as a graphic designer at Royal Thai Design & Print company, one of Thailand's most reputable promotional companies. Work, practices and living in Thailand gave him the motivation to look at the future with a wider perspective. Overseas dispatches were made on a regular basis to made the chance to compete in international Karate competitions such as Japan's Big tournaments. The attendance and the championship in the South Korean world Mastership martial arts championships, which was managed by Soke Keivan Dehnad, Judo international Coach andOlympic Judge, was another of his opportunities.

Living in Thailand and familiarity with the Thai national sport Muay Thai and it's attractions for Martial Artists is not a strange mater. Lots of Muay Thai clubs, famous Muay Thai Champions, sponsorships, government support and promotions led him to training Muay Thai along with Karate with Moonkhon Kalek & Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai, the legendary Champions of Muay Thai. After several months, due to the emigration of his coach to the United Arab Emirates and the problems that some members of the club have arranged for him, he decided to practice in the Sityodtong Gym which is of the oldest and the most champion maker Muay Thai clubs in Thailand. During this time, he got the chances of attending at some of world's top Muay Thai organizations and getting registered by record in A-Class Muay Thai universe were also attended by world's great champions such as Peter Aerts, Pedro Rizzo and Bob Sapp. In order to get the MMA Championship belt which is the highest level in the world’s Martial arts, Reza started to Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) from Master Celso Rolim Junior & currently under supervision of Master De'Alonzio Jackson (8 times world Jiu-jitsu champion), simultaneously continuing to practice boxing and Muay Thai. In 2020 Reza was honored to get Karate 4th Dan Black belt and the Blue belt of Jiu-jitsu. In January 2021, Reza joined Venum Training Camp and began training under the supervision of Mehdi Zatout.

And this story continues...